Hide pictures through Audio Manager

Confused? Yes what you have read is correct  because this app released on the playstore is a huge hit on the Android playstore 

Here you can Hide your pictures without even giving it a clue that it is having pictures in the vault 

The main feature of this application is to hide images,audio,video as well as your text sms in the vault.The main attraction lies with its own user interface where you can change the outer theme and make the app look like a application which is of no use in your smartphone


  1. Friendly user interface
  2. Can store video,images,audio and text messages
  3. Inbuilt function changes the format of your file and saves it on your Android program data folder
  4. Gives a backup option in case you delete or format your phone.
  5. Ability to store things in your Google drive.

    This does not even give a clue that we can hide your files

    And even you can think now still if many users use this we can come to know that it is a hiding app. They even have the solution for that we can create a fake pin to fool the people around you.

    Isn’t it a worthy app?

    Then go and download on your play store

    Thank you,



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